I. General provisions


1. The owner of the store is Danuta Nowicka running a business under the name Danuta Nowicka KosMeD Aleja Piastów 85 52-424 Wrocław, NIP: 8942597309, REGON: 932812742, email:

2. The Dr. Novicka brand is owned by Danuta Nowicka KosMeD Aleja Piastów 85 52-424 Wrocław, NIP: 8942597309, REGON: 932812742.

3. The online store – hereinafter referred to as the “Store” – will conduct retail sales via the website at, however, during the construction phase of the website, it will be for the customer only information about the products. Sales are conducted on the basis of these Regulations – hereinafter referred to as “Regulations” – taking into account generally applicable legal regulations.


II. Orders


1. Prices given in the store are expressed in euro. The product prices do not include the cost of delivery (packaging + shipping).

2. Orders in the store can be submitted in the following way:

a) on the Store’s website by selecting and paying for the product in the basket

b) by email to the address available on the Store’s website,

3. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The store contacts you in order matters as soon as possible without specific working hours.

4. For the parties, the information contained on the Store’s website at the time of placing the order is binding, in particular: price, name of the product, date and method of delivery.

5. When placing an order, the Customer indicates:

a) personal details to the extent necessary to perform the order, which are stored by the Store only for these purposes (see point 8 of these Regulations)

b) ordered goods

c) the address to which the ordered goods are to be delivered.

6. The conclusion of the contract with the customer takes place at the time of the purchase

7. The order is accepted for execution after the Store has paid the payment in euro currency to the bank account – Bank: Deutsche Bank Polska SA Account no .: 67 1910 1048 2412 0400 1085 0004. BIC / SWIFT code Deutsche Bank Polska SA: DEUTPLPX; IBAN Alior Bank: PL + full account number.

8. The customer is obliged to pay the price under the contract of sale within 7 business days from the date of its conclusion, unless the contract of sale provides otherwise. Failure to pay the customer in due time means cancellation of the order.

9. The order is accepted for execution, after crediting the funds on the bank account, and its implementation is 21 business days, after which the shipment of goods takes place.

10. Placing an order and its confirmation by the Customer in the manner indicated in paragraph 4 and section 5 is a legally binding sales contract concluded between the Store and the Customer.

11. The Customer, by completing the order, accepts these Store Regulations in its entirety. Placing an order is tantamount to its acceptance.


III. Payments


1. The customer makes the payment for the ordered goods by prepayment to the bank account number indicated in point 7 par. II of these regulations.

2. The customer has the option of making the payment electronically via the intermediary of the billing agent via the Store’s website. 


IV. Shipment of goods


1. The ordered product is sent by the Store via courier company. Shipment details are agreed with the customer when accepting the order.

2. The deadline for completing the order (21 working days) is counted from the date of booking the amount due on the bank account, after which the shipment of the goods takes place.

3. In the case of large orders or circumstances that make it impossible to complete the order within the time specified in Sec. 2 para. IV, the customer will be informed immediately about the expected delivery time.

4. The goods are shipped within the European Union.

5. Shipping costs (packing and shipping) are calculated according to the price list of the courier company. Shipping costs are covered by the Seller.

V. Returns and Complaints


1. Goods ordered in the online store are not refundable.


VI. Privacy protection


1. The administrator of the Customer’s personal data is Danuta Nowicka KosMeD Aleja Piastów 85 52-424 Wrocław, NIP: 8942597309, REGON: 932812742, email address:

2. Personal data provided by the customer are processed for the purposes of the contract of sale and with separate consent may be processed for marketing and promotion purposes, in accordance with the terms of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 101, 2002, item 926, as amended)

3. Providing personal data by the Customer is voluntary, but necessary for the implementation of the sales contract.

4. The customer has the right to access his data and correct them, demand to stop processing them, object to their processing and demand their removal.

5. The Customer may receive by e-mail, in particular on the e-mail address provided by the Customer, marketing or promotional materials, if he agrees.

6. The Customer may at any time withdraw the consent to receive marketing or promotional materials sent electronically by sending information about the cancellation to the following e-mail address: 


VII. Intellectual property


1. All names of goods offered for sale by the Store, their descriptions or photographs, are used for identification purposes and may be legally protected or reserved.


VIII. Entry into force and amendments to the Regulations


1. Regulations come into force on the day of publication on the Store’s website.

2. These Regulations may be changed.

3. Changes to the Regulations will be published on the Store’s website.

4. Information about changes in the regulations will be sent to the Customer to the e-mail address indicated in the order.


IX. Final Provisions


1. In matters not covered by the Regulations, universally applicable law shall apply, in particular the Civil Code and the Act on special terms of consumer sales and amendments to the Civil Code.

Danuta Nowicka

Al. Piastów 85, Wrocław 52-424, Poland

Made in E.U.